Dog Whistle in Gift Box


Plastic, single frequency dog whistle, 5900hz (210.5)   

  • Pealess Whistle
  • Close and Distance Work
  • Various Colours
  • Gift Box




Ideal as a training aid and working off lead, these pealess dog whistles produce a single frequency sound of approximately 5900hz (210.5).  They are great for working in a range of temperatures and unlike many metal whistles, the frequency does not fluctuate as much with temperature.

An all round dog whistle for both close work and distance control.

Several colours are available including; Black, Blue, Forest Green, Lime Green, Orange, Purple and Red

These whistles come with matching lanyard and presented in a craft presentation box.



Additional information

Weight 100 g

Orange, Red, Blue, Forest Green, Lime Green, Purple, Black