Lilac Weave Harris Tweed Collar


Luxury, 25mm Lilac Weave Harris Tweed collar


Collar Size
Small 10″ – 14″
Medium 14″ – 18″
Large 18″ – 26″

** Please note that as our collars are handmade there may be a small variation in the sizing. Collar sizes are approximate and may vary slightly



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Our Harris Tweed collars are made with a 25mm nylon webbing core for strength, that is wrapped in a high quality 100% Kona cotton.  It is then finished off on top with a 100% authentic Harris Tweed, our handmade Harris Tweed collars are top notch.

To complete the luxury feel, each collar incorporates an Aluminium ‘Alu-Max’ side release buckle along with a Chromed Zinc D-ring and Chromed Brass tri-slide.

All of our Harris Tweed collars can be washed on a low temperature, but not tumble dried.

100% authentic Harris Tweed is used in our Harris Tweed collars.

Harris Tweed is woven in the Outer Hebrides and is an extremely desirable 100% wool textile.  It is made using the wool from local sheep, which is then washed and dyed at local mills on the Isle of Harris and Lewis.  The spun yarn is then delivered to local weavers, often with a pattern instruction card from the mill, who will then hand weave the yarn using a treadle loom at their home. The finished bolt of raw Harris Tweed is then delivered back to the mill for finishing.
The fabric is protected by an act of parliament and only the skilled men and women from the Outer Hebrides know how to make it, and by law, only they are allowed to do so.


*** Please note that as these collars are made using authentic Harris Tweed fabric, they are not really suitable for repeated use in wet or abrasive environments such as the beach, muddy areas etc




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